First Appearance: 57# Age of Apocalypse

A man who agreed to help Apocalypse vanguish the entire world after the end of the House of M period, he begins to choose his victims for the new torture the Boiling Point Pot. He however is double crossed by the Apocalypse and is nearly put in by Voldo before he schemingly attempts to save himself. 

Age of ApocalypseEdit

He agreed in order to save his life to help Apocalypse wipe ou the world through his device of the Boiling Point Pot. This device is torture not only by being burnt alive but also it provides the memorise for one to be reminded of and it is believed that these memorise as opposed to the fire is the thing that killed tthos who are put into the pot. The first person he pushes into the Boiling Point Pot is Enchantress from the torture of the memorise of what she had down to the Human Torch. The second person he pick who dies is Sophitia however her son Patroklos volounters to go with her and with that Z.W.E.I sends them both to the Boiling Point Pot. 

As he goes to pick his next victim he abushed by Voldo who is revealed to be the Apocalypse real right hand man and revealing to Z.W.E.I that he knows he is in love with Viola, Apocalypse se him as a threat and orders Voldo for him to take him to Boiling Point Pot. Not wanting for Viola to die but also not wanting him to die he claims he cam bring Viola and kill her to show his loyalty. In reality he chooses Talim, on purpose and attempts to pass her off as Viola.

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