First Appearance:1# Raphael's Kingdom

Yungsung is one of the original XSSD members being the first ever story of XSSD to be centered around him. He is often quick cheeky but also stubborn. The love of his life is Xianghua while he intensly hate's Xianghua's once love interest Raphael. He appears on a variety of missions with XSSD however he is killed of by the Enchantress in the issues shortly before the Age of Apocalypse. In the TV series Yungsung leaves after the Age of Apocalypse.

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

In the first comic in the story Raphael's Kingdom Part 1, Yungsung has been asked to fight in a death match with Raphael. He is nearly killed both Raphael and by Ivy and is soon blown away with the others there at the grounds to another world by Raphael. While on this other planet Xianghua turns into X-Lady which she remains in this form for a while. At the end when Yungsung, X-Lady and the others come back to earth both him and Xianghua ask if they can join XSSD which both of them are accepted.

House of MEdit

In House of M while he is dead in the real world he returns to XSSD. He is a business man who was in a relationship with Xianghua who was Princess of China for 5 years before she went to marry Count Raphael. However in an interview with Mario he reveals that he is madly in love with Rosalina, Peach's cousin and is attendance at the Oscar hoping that Rosalina's cousin Peach will win.

XSSD: TV ShowEdit