First Appearance: Raphael's Kingdom Part 1

She is one of the early members of XSSD and is the first to ask to join the organisation along with Yungsung, her soon to be love interest. While in her first appearance appearing to be someone on the sidelines with watching the death match between Yungsung and Raphael, her former love interest, during the 2nd issue she manages to become X-Lady which is a very active fighting member of XSSD. She soon eventually turns back to Xianghua.

XSSD: The ComicEdit

In the first ever issue, Xianghua is not officially joined XSSD. Instead she is first seen with Raphael her love watching him prepare for his death fight with Yungsung. During the death match things get out of hand and Raphael with his power from SOUL manages to push the likes of Xianghua as well as Ivy, Roy and Psylocke and are put onto another planet. During the 2nd issue Xianghua manages to become X-Lady, her alter-ego and this being has immense fighting skills. 

Age of ApocalypseEdit

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House of MEdit

While not appearing physically in these comics it is revealed that she is Princess of China who had dated Yungsung for five years but according to Yungsung was to busy being Princess of China for the relationship to work out. Instead it is told that she married Count Raphael.

XSSD: TV ShowEdit