First Appearance: 57# Age of Apocalypse

She is seen in pyramid along with the rest of the world when the Apocalypse returns after the House of M period.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

It is soon revealed that Z.W.E.I according to Voldo is in love with Viola. Now Z.W.E.I had been the Apocalypse new assistant in order to pick people for the Boiling Point Pot to tortue and kill. When this information was revealed Voldo had an idea to take Z.W.E.I and use the pot to kill him since they believed he wouldn't kill Viola. Z.W.E.I thinking fast but also wanting to protect Viola claims he can kill with no hesitation but instead of grabbing for Viola he grabs deliberatly at Talim and tries to pass her off as Viola.

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