Sherry Palmer03:53

Sherry Palmer

Sherry Palmer

First Appearance: 50# Age of Apocalypse

One of Joker's and Darth Vader's minons, Sherry Palmer tries to kill Human Torch and she has to face DK. In the TV Show she is seen as more of a character as being manipulative, evil as well as managing to become the President before her death by suffocation from her mother Mrs Munroe. In the TV Show both Storm and Sasha Fierce is her sister while Sandra Palmer and Wayne Palmer are her sister-in-law and brother-in-law and her husband is David Palmer who happens to really be Zsalamel in the TV Show.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

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XSSD: TV ShowEdit

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She is revealed during Zsalamel's monologue to be one of the figures to be thought of being the Anti-Christ just before Zsalamel reveals that he is the Anti-Christ.

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