First Appearance:1# Raphael's Kingdom Part 1

 The first ever villian which XSSD had to face, Raphael while not the most powerful enemy, is an annonying snob who likes to try and prove his power of over people. He has a tense rivalry with Yungsung who he requested to have a death match in order to win Xianghua heart. At the very beginning he is with Xianghua romantically however as events progress soon Xianghua goes with Yungsung. He also has intense hatred for Link. Amy Sorel is in fact his adoptive daughter.

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

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Age of ApocalypseEdit

He is in the third pyramid out of the three that there are and it is seen that Lionel Luther is about to kill Raphael when Amy Sorel, his adoptive daughter pleads no and attacks Lionel who then stabs Lionel Luther and it appears at the end of the comic with Peach and Ironman discovering them appear to be dead with Raphael illness taking over. Lionel is dead however Amy and Raphael are still alive. Raphael ask his daughter Amy to find Valeria who he says is his sister as he is dying from the disease.

House of MEdit

In this reality Raphael is in fact a Count and is also married to Xianghua who is the Princess of China who was in  a relationship with Yungsung for five years before they broke up.

XSSD: TV ShowEdit

Season 4Edit

When the Apocalypse heads off to France with his horsemen Raphael appears along with Prince Charming are part of the newly revitalised Monarchy in France. They try to escape from the revolution sweeping the world but both him and Prince Charming are put to death by the Horseman before the entire country is sacked and destroyed. All this hapens in Episode 17 The Rise of Apocalypse Part 3.