First Appearance: 1# Raphael's Kingdom

One of the original XSSD, she is a verys killed fighter as well as committed member of the XSSD team.

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

She is part of the original members of XSSD and along with Havok, Kirby, Cyclops, Phoenix, Storm, Bowser, Taki, Roy and Nightcrawler are sent to the deathmatch between Raphael and Yungsung. During the fight Raphael who has power from the SOUL manages to push the likes of Xianghua, Roy, Ivy but also Psylocke are pushed on to another planet.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

In the 45 issue sees Psylocke's first appearance in the Age of Apocalypse saga despite being in one of the three pyramids as the rest of the world. She comes in to face off the Apocalypse which who in past she has had a personal history with and considers him his arch nemsis. She begins to face him alone and manages to chop of his arm but soon she is helped with by Storm, Peter, Sophitia and Talim.

In the following issue in issue 46, Psylocke actually delivers the blow thatultimatly kills the Apocalypse and he is officially dead. That is until a Ms Marvel possessed by a pariwrath manages to resurect the Apocalypse but whos is possessed by a pariwrath. 

XSSD: TV ShowEdit