Heroes fan trailer - Powers of Peter Petrelli02:45

Heroes fan trailer - Powers of Peter Petrelli

Peter Petrelli

First Appearance: #50 Age of apocalypse

A person who can take powers from simply touching them and having the ability to pocess them perminently, Peter Petrelli has been an important member of XSSD. While in the comics due to Apocalypse he has not managed to join them officially, in the show Peter is the main protagonist and as well as the main leader of the team. His mother Angela Petrelli he adores while he has a strained relationship with his brother Nathan Petrelli and Sylar. He also has a relationship with Lana Lang which ends up with marriage.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

He first appears in the Age of Apocalypse saga in the 50th issue as part of team with Yoda leading the team along with Claire Bennet, Kara, DK, Hilde, Hiro and face the Joker's team who try to kill Human Torch. Peter faces Sylar and manages to pin him down. Lana Lang face is muelled by Knightmare and she bumps into Peter Petrelli who she met years ago in CU. Due to him touching Claire Bennet he has the power of healing and heals Lana Lang. Darth Vader tries to kill Lana Lang claiming that she had ruined his life. Peter however stands in front of Lana Lang to protect her from the blast.

In the next issue it seems that Peter is out cold until the Human Torch says he is going to explode in order to protect the two and to Lana's shock he awakes. Then the two try to run away from the Human Torch who is to self-destruct to blow up Sylar and Joker. In the 52 issue Peter and Lana seem to be alive but they soon discover the Human Torch's dead body. Unfortunatly for him it was in vain as Sylar and the Joker are still alive. In 53 issue Sylar tries to kill both Lana and Peter but in the nick of time Elijah runs enough and manages to attack Sylar. While they are both saved they soon see Magneto, Scarlet Whitch and Enchantress managing to create the House of M.

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