First Appearance: 11# C,SNK,XSSD and IVBWS

 A member of XSSD, Peaches introduction doesn't get introduced until the 11th comic despite the fact it's implied she is part of the original team. She is married to Mario and it is further implied that she is the mother of Baby Mario (who appears early than her mother.) In the TV Show Peach is part of the original team and is very active with the team.

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

Peaches debut involved her introducing herself with the likes of Cammy and Ryu.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

She appears in the first issue of the Age of Apocalypse in 37#. She is in the line waiting to be branded by Zsalamel with the likes of Ironman. After Ironman faces Zsalamel she goes off with him to find Lionel, Amy Sorel and Raphael body all looking as if they are all dead. She as Ironman who end up being branded with the eyes are called upon by Zsalamel to face Yu-Gi-Oh who is threatening to destroy Zsalamel before she along with all those controlled in the eyes and Yu-Gi-Oh ith his cards are placed by Zsalamel in the seal of Orcocosse.

House of MEdit

In this world she is an actress who is up for an Oscar for Best Actress. She loses to Renee Walker who as a  result has a feud with her before walking out. Her personal assistant, or more like servant is Link and her father who helps comfort her after her loss is the Human Torch. He is the one who tells Peach that he believes the world is false and this is all before Renee turns up and reveals to them that she is Mystique and they engage in a battle. After defeating them they all try to find the Ice Climbers to help reveal to the world how it is not real.

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