First Appearance: 46# Age of Apocalypse

Lucas is among those who join XSSD during the Age of Apocalypse saga with the Brawl, Mario Kart Wii editions to the comic. he becomes a prominent leader for these new factions, however he proves to be a coward when during a fight with Enchantress he orders for his team to run away and try to break free. 

Age of ApocalypseEdit

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House of MEdit

Lucas along with Gambit and Baby Mario appear in issue 56 and are devoted to Magneto and when hearing from a speech by Magneto that M-Shield are attempting to kill him, they go after M-Shield and Gambit manages to kill Nick Fury. As they reach the M-Shield and Fugitives they face them beliving to be terrorist wanting to kill Magneto. Baby Mario having a change of heart faces the other two and they are soon defeated just before they allreturn to the real world in the Age of Apocalypse.