First Appearance: 1# Rich and Poor

First appearing in the first issue with a Classic XSSD comic, Link has been a faithful member of XSSD but has often done mission by himself and has had events in his life which has changed his relationship with XSSD which could be seen in Revelation. His love of his life is indeed Zelda who he feels the need to always save. 

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

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Age of ApocalypseEdit

His first appearance in the Saga is in issue 37, the first issue of the Age of Apocalypse. He is seen in the lining up to be branded with eye of control by Zsalamel which he is soon branded. In the next issue he faces a Lana Lang who has turned into Knightmare but is also controlled by the eye to face Yu-Gi-Oh before managing along with everyone else being controlled by the eye to be locked in the seal of Orococosse. They along with everyone else in the seal are soon broken free.

While being controlled by the eye which Zsalamel has full control over, Link manages to kill the Invisible Woman. In issue 41 when Taki, Xianghua and Mystique are in a parrallel universe, it is said that Link has been tried with treason and is hanged for it.

House of MEdit

In this world he is the servant of Peach who is faithful and loyal but also flippant. When Peach's father Human Torch believe that they are in a fantasy world Link and Peach both agree and help try and expose the truth to the known world.

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