First Appearance: 1# Raphael's Kingdom

One of the original XSSD memebers who went on their first mission, Kirby's proven to be both a reliable assesst of the team and a fun member of the XSSD team.

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

In the first ever comic of XSSD Kirby is one of the original members who go to the death match between Yungsung and Raphael to see that everything goes smoothly. When the majority are pushed out to another planet by Rapahel's due to his power with SOUL, Kirby along with Taki and Storm manage to remain on earth and defeat Rapahel, then bastion and finally Bogan.

Age of Apocalypse:Edit

House of MEdit

In this reality he is friends with Amy and the two of them are seen asking Magneto if they are allowed to run a playgroup together.

XSSD: TV ShowEdit

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Age of Apocalypse the MovieEdit