Jiggly Puff

First Appearance: 3# Race for Life

One of the first members in XSSD, her first appearance is in the 3rd issue The Race of Life. She has been involved in some saga's in XSSD including that of the Age of Apocalypse. 

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

Her first appearance can be seen as she along with Gambit, Talim and Baby Mario are challenge to a death race between Waluigi and Wario which they win.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

Jigglypuff first ppears in the saga at its birth in issue 37. She is first branded with the eye of control by Zsalamel and then her soul reaped into the sword known as Soul Edge by a Knightmare which has taken over Lana Lang's body.

In issue 48 Jigglypuff appears again complaining how long she has been stuck inside Soul Edge. Soon by Abelia, her along with Xianghua, Yungsung, Jean Grey, Nightwing, Valeria Richards and Lana Lang. In the following issue they are all threatned by Knightmare but are protected by Gannondorf who reveals to them all that he is Lana's father. While she is seen faces Knightmare in the following issue she is not made anymore appearances following this.

XSSD: TV ShowEdit