First Appearance: 3# Race for Life

The former thief, he is the husband of Rogue and also the father of Power Girl as well as one of the earliest members of XSSD. It seems that hteir love has lasted through the test of time including against arch enemies such as with Inferno. In the television series however Gambit is one of the four horseman helping for the Age of Apocalypse to occur.

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

In his first appearance in XSSD in issue 3, he along with Jigglypuff, Baby Mario and Talim are brought in to have a death race against Wario and Waluigi in which they win.

House of MEdit

He appears in this saga within a saga in issue 56. he along with Lucas and Baby Mario are fantatically devoted to Magneto and when hearing an attempt on Magento's life was made, Gambit along with the other two try to find M-Shield and kill them for this act. Gambit manages to kill Nick Fury with his card, who is the leader of M-Shield. They soon catch up with M-Shield who have joined forces with the Fugitives and they face each other with Baby Mario soon switching sides to protect them causing for Gambit and Lucas to be defeated just before they are returned to the Age of Apocalypse.

XSSD: TV ShowEdit

Season 4:Edit