First Appearance: 3# The Mountain

Originally a baddie he faces Taki, X-Lady and Luigi while they are trying to climb a mountain in Africa. He is then posessed by Elias Bogan who he uses Fox to protect the mountain. However after him being defeatd by Phoenix, Luigi and Taki he along with Falco soon join XSSD.

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

He first appears in XSSD in issue 3 when he is stopping the Sentinel B and also Taki and Luigi from climibing the mountain in Africa as a hobby. When they leave Fox and Bogan take over the mountain and lock up the likes of the Sentinels. Soon however he is defeated by Phoenix, Taki and Luigi who return and Fox returns to normal with Bogan leaving him. Inside the mountain however his friend Falco is trapped by Raphael and X-Lady is also made captive by Raphael however soon enough Yungsung comes in and beats up Raphael, saving the day for them all.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

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XSSD: TV ShowEdit