First Appearance: 10# Cassandra vs Cassandra

Xavier's twin sister, she has been a nemesis of XSSD for some time. She has indeed used her looks before to deceive XSSD into thinking she is her brother and has also dealings with the likes of Cassandra.  

XSSD: The ComicsEdit

Her first appearance showed her pretending to be Xavier and attacking Cassandra with her powers before kidnapping her in her base. Xavier and Sophitia in this Classic XSSD issue try to save Cassandra and defeat Cassandra Nova but Xavier finds out he can't use his powers against her. She then attempts to imposture Xavier yet again and tries totake over XSSD which ends up with a battle with Night Crawler and Rogue, however soon enough Xavier from his position being captured manages to control Cassandra' Nova's mind into letting them free allowing for Night Crawler and Rogue to defeat her.

Age of ApocalypseEdit

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